Activated Charcoal scrub


Proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. This opens the way for moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective. In short, a regular exfoliating routine will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy. The high surface area and porosity of activated charcoal – what makes it super absorbent – helps draw impurities, bacteria, and grime out of your pores and closer to the surface, making it easier to get a deeper cleanse when you scrub your skin.


  • Unclogs Pores.
  • Prevents Acne.
  • Helps Other Skincare Products Penetrate Deeper.
  • Evens Skin Tone.
  • Boosts Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Remove impurities from the skin
  • Stimulates Collagen Synthesis


Walnut , Brown Sugar, Virgin Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil
, Bamboo Charcoal,Bentonite Clay


60 ml


Wet your skin, take required amount and apply over
skin, gently exfoliate and rinse.


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