Anti Acne kit

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A simple pack with the goodness of Charcoal, Teatree oils to get rid off the acne. Our Anti-Acne combo comprises of a Charcoal soap, Charcoal mask and Anti acne serum. This carefully curated combo works the best on oily and acne prone skin.



Activated Charcoal soap : Coconut oil, Goat milk, Bamboo charcoal, Green tea, tea tree EO, Lye, Distilled water

Anti Acne Serum : Aloevera, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Tea tree EO, Lemon , Neem, Manjista, Fenugreek, Papaya, Arnica, Calendula, Birch, Lavender, Orange, rose, Turmeric, Witch hazel, Patchouli

Activated Charcoal Mask : Bentonite clay , Bamboo Charcoal, Aloevera, Green tea, Tea tree EO, Almond oil, Jojiba oil, Vitamin E


Activated Charcoal soap:  Wet the skin, rub the soap over skin gently , rinse.

Anti Acne serum: Wash the face, apply over affected area & leave overnight. Washoff the next morning. Can also be applied at day time.

Activated Charcoal Mask: Take required amount and apply  over face & neck, leave for 15-20 minutes or till dry. Wash off with normal water.

3 reviews for Anti Acne kit

  1. Supraja

    Anti acne kit is my saviour. As instructed I use the serum daily. The charcoal soap is very good. Daily soap and serum plus weekly mask has reduced the acne more than I Thought. Also I see the scars getting lighter. Best part is soap is not drying the skin. 👍🏻for the combo

  2. Rajanirmala

    The serum , soap and the mask are truly great! I am off the acne and skin is super clear.

  3. Ranjitha

    Thanks so much for recommending the anti acne kit. My stubborn acne is no more and so are the acne marks. The anti acne serum is just wow.
    Each time I wash with charcoal soap I see my skin getting softer and clearer. I have never lived my skin so much .. thank you.

    The charcoal mask – the texture is heavenly. This kit has helped immensely for acne. Big win.

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