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Bio Enzyme- Multi purpose cleaner


Bio Enzyme- Multi purpose cleaner


Discover the natural power of our *Bio Enzyme Cleaner*, a versatile, non-toxic solution made from citrus peels, rose petals, and jaggery. This eco-friendly cleaner harnesses the power of natural enzymes to effectively break down dirt, grime, and stains without the use of harsh chemicals. Safe for your home, your family, and the environment, our bio enzyme cleaner is perfect for a variety of cleaning tasks.

Uses and Benefits:
– *Surface Cleaning*: Effectively cleans kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, and other surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean and smelling fresh.
– *Laundry*: Acts as a natural fabric softener and stain remover, keeping your clothes fresh and clean.
– *Dishwashing*: Cuts through grease and grime on dishes, pots, and pans, leaving them spotless.
– *Plant Care*: Diluted solution can be used as a natural fertilizer and pest repellent for your plants.
– *Pet Care*: Safe for cleaning pet areas, eliminating odors, and reducing bacteria.
– *Air Freshening*: Acts as a natural air freshener, neutralizing odors and leaving a pleasant scent.

Embrace a cleaner, greener lifestyle with our Bio Enzyme Cleaner. Perfect for every household, it combines the best of nature with the effectiveness you need for a truly clean home.



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Citrus peels/ Rose petals / Mango peels, Jaggery, Essential oils


Dilute with water in the ratio of 1: 20

usage :surface cleaning: after diluting spray and wipe off

Bathing: add the diluted portion as 10 m in a bucket of water

Can be used as a fabric softener , add in your Washing machine.

Can be used on skin as a toner, on rashes ( after diluting )

Can be used as a pesticide/ fertiliser

Post using, add the water to plants, as this is one of the best fertilisers



500 ml

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