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Foot soak : 33 ml

Foot scrub : 33 ml

Redwine soap : 50 grams

Mini shampoo bar : 50 grams

Mini hair mask : 33 ml

Lip balm : 12 grams


Foot soak :Epsom Salt, Magnesium oil, Virgin coconut oil, Lavender buds, Lavender EO

Foot scrub : Pumice, Coffee, Oats, EO, Virgin Coconut oil

Redwine soap :Coconut Oil, Shea butter, Rice bran oil, Redwine, Geranium EO, Lye, Distilled water

Mini shampoo bar : Unrefined Shea butter, Olive oil, Lemongrass ,  Cold Pressed Coconut oil,Castor oil, Argan oil, Avocado oil, Lavender EO , Thyme EO, Tea tree EO

Mini hair mask :Kokum butter, Almond oil , Avocado oil ,Argan oil , Clove bud oil, Essential oils of Lavender , Thyme , Teatree oil, Ylang ylang , Hibiscus, Neem , Brahmi , Bringa, Jamaican Castor oil, Bakuchi oil, Canola oil, Rosehip seed oil.

Lip balm :Mango butter, Almond oil, Beetroot extracts, EO, Candelilla wax


Foot soak : Take 1-2 spoons of Footsoak in a bucket of warm to hot water, immerse your feet and relax. Follow up with Foot scrub and Foot heel crack cream.

Foot scrub : Wet your feet, take required foot scrub, apply over skin, and gently rub. Wash off.  Recommended routine : Himalayan Pink salt Footsoak / Lavender Epsom Salt Footsoak followed by Foot scrub and then a dash of Foot heel crack cream. Done with the Footspa!

Redwine soap :Wet your skin, rub the bar against skin ,form lather and rinse off.

Mini shampoo bar :Wet hair, rub the bar against scalp & Hair, Rinse off. Repeat.


Mini hair mask :take required amount and apply over roots , and spread to hair. Leave for 30 minutes and wash off with paraben free shampoo. Please store in refrigerator, when not in use. Suggested usage- weekly once.


Lip balm : Lip balm : Apply over lips, and repeat when dry or if needed.


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