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Why Self-Care Matters During a Pandemic Like COVID-19???


With a pandemic and restricted movements, visiting parents & friends has never been so difficult! Worrying about parents who are far away is yet another pain. ☹

You may be feeling stressed right now. Maybe you’re worried, anxious or overwhelmed. Maybe you’re not sleeping well, or you don’t have an appetite.

Self-care can be the best tool in lowering your stress levels and keeping yourself healthy. It’s not just pampering — it’s prioritizing yourself. Looking for ways to pamper yourself at home? Looking for something to gift your parents ,loved ones something that can calm down and give the much needed therapy ??

You can get started with our Love- Unlocked hamper.

  • A health to keep you strong & fit
  • A bath powder to calm& rejuvenate
  • Lip balm to enhance the smile and moisturize the lips deep
  • Footsoak to relax  , calm the mind & body  into a state of relaxed  bliss.
  • Footcream to soothe the dry skin & instantly hydrate.





Health mix : 250 grams

Bath powder : 250 grams

Lipbalm: 12 grams

Footsoak : 50 ml

Footcream : 50 ml


Health mix :

Bath powder :Green gram dal , Neem ( in Abundance ) Wild turmeric, Avarampoo , Tulsi , Aloevera , Vettiver , Rose petals , Indian sarsaparilla, White turmeric/Poolankizhangu, Champak, Flagroot, Poosanathu pattai, Karboga rice, Thirumanjana pattai, Pachilai, Marikozhundhu, Vasambu, , Shenbagam, Korai kizhangu,Samandhi, Tulsi, Adhimadhuram

Lip balm :Mango butter, Almond oil, Beetroot extracts, EO, Candelilla wax

Footsoak :Himalayan pink salt , Virgin coconut oil, Lavender, Magnesium oil, Essential oils

Footcream :Mango butter, Almond oil, Aloevera, Magnesium oil, Coconut oil,Ylang Ylang EO


 Health mix : 1)Mix one spoon of Instant porridge with a glass of hot milk, your healh drink is ready. 2)Mix one spoon with half glass of water and bring to boil, add milk- health drink – version

Bath powder :Take required amount, mix with water and make as a paste. Apply over wet skin and gently rub. Rinse.

Lip balm :Apply over lips, and repeat when dry or if needed.

Footsoak :Take required amount and apply over cracks. Add Himalayan Pink salt Footsoak to the weekly routine and follow up with Foot heel crack cream.

Foot soak :Take 1-2 spoons of Footsoak in a bucket of warm to hot water, immerse your feet and relax. Follow up with Foot scrub and Foot heel crack cream.

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  1. Miranda George

    I had ordered this hamper as i am away from Pondicherry and my parents are there. Gifted to my parents and they love the porridge mix and want for breakfast daily. The thought of bringing to release the stress is indeed wonderful and am sure many us will be happy to gift to our parents , friends when we can visit them and still care for them. Have been a regular customer of Sukham and i had no second thoughts when this came up! great quality, value for money and simple & natural is what i like about Sukham. Keep marching Ruckmani.

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