Mini footscrub


With the goodness of pumice you clear the dead skin cells and smoothen the deserving feet. Virgin coconut oil to moisturise and essential oils to give a relaxed pampering. Just wet your feet and take a little scrub and rub over feet. Wash off. Follow up with footcream to finish the spa. No chemicals / preservatives just all natural scrub.Powerful enough to remove dirt and grime and also keep the feet smooth and soft.

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50 ml


Pumice, Coffee, Oats, EO, Virgin Coconut oil


Wet your feet, take required foot scrub, apply over skin, and gently rub. Wash off.  Recommended routine : Himalayan Pink salt Footsoak / Lavender Epsom Salt Footsoak followed by Foot scrub and then a dash of Foot heel crack cream. Done with the Footspa!


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