Mini footscrub


With the goodness of pumice you clear the dead skin cells and smoothen the deserving feet. Virgin coconut oil to moisturise and essential oils to give a relaxed pampering. Just wet your feet and take a little scrub and rub over feet. Wash off. Follow up with footcream to finish the spa. No chemicals / preservatives just all natural scrub.Powerful enough to remove dirt and grime and also keep the feet smooth and soft.


50 ml


Pumice, Coffee, Oats, EO, Virgin Coconut oil


Wet your feet, take required foot scrub, apply over skin, and gently rub. Wash off.  Recommended routine : Himalayan Pink salt Footsoak / Lavender Epsom Salt Footsoak followed by Foot scrub and then a dash of Foot heel crack cream. Done with the Footspa!


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