Mosquito repellent Cream

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Safe, natural way to keep kids protected from mosquitoes. Mosquito repellant cream with no chemicals but only oils and butters. A 2in 1 product for kids and adults. Coconut oil mango butter and essential oils to shoo away those mosquitoes ! Freedom from those heavy fragranced lotions and strips! No preservatives and all natural – the best care for your family from mosquitoes, can be used in Babies from third month.


Shelf life : 6 months from the date of packing


60 ml


Cold pressed Coconut oil, Almond oil, Citronella EO, Rosemary EO, Lemongrass EO


Apply over exposed skin, and gently spread. Repeat if required.

5 reviews for Mosquito repellent Cream

  1. Soundarya

    I’ve tried many repellent creams on my kid yet this was the last resort and there were no turning backs. Loved the way it has been curated. 100% result guaranteed. Acts as a moisturiser too

  2. Seethalakshmi

    Very very impressive. Works great in outdoors also and I like the impact on skin, leaving very soft. Skipped the moisturizer and still the skin is soft.

  3. Tejaswini

    Totally impressed with this repellant cream. Seeing the effect right in front of the eyes. Not so heavy smell, and no guilt of any chemicals. and waking up everyday to see zero mosquito bites.

  4. Ranjani

    the best repellant i have tried and used so far. so mild and deeply moisturising , i am also surprised by the way the earlier bite marks are also fading. Made by a mom- and as a mom I vouch for this cream.

  5. Sindhuja

    The day without repellent is very scary.

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