Can I use Kumkumadhi during daytime?
No, the presence of Saffron in Kumkumadhi thailam attracts tan and hence its recommended to use at nights ONLY.
Can Vapour rub be used for babies?

Yes, can be applied over chest, mildly over forehead. Can also be used for steam.

What are the serums available for face?

Face serum, Anti acne serum, Under eye serum, Spot correction serum ,Skin glow serum, Skin Firmig serum.

I have scalp psoriasis. Any shampoo?

Yes, Shampoo conditioner bars.  The Borage oil, treats scalp psoriasis and cleanses, keeps the scalp clean, itch free.

I am having a frizzy hair. Which shampoo is recommended?

Shampoo conditioner. Fixes the dry and frizz along with cleansing, and gets a silky soft hair.

What soap do you recommend for dull and dry skin?

Redwine soap. Also acts as an anti aging soap. Suits for dull skin, cleans the skin, and hydrates to skin to get a glowing skin.

Do I need to apply moisturiser after Mosquito repellent cream?

No you need not. Mosquito repellent cream itself acts as a moisturiser for the skin as it has Cold pressed Coconut and Almond oil.

Can the Mosquito repellent cream be used on babies?

Yes, for the babies above 3 months of age.

I have pigmented lips. What is the recommended routine?

Apply Lipbalm daily- twice. Repeat as you feel as required.  Lip scrub for removing the dead skin, weekly once.

What can I use for Tan removal?

Detan pack and Detan soap will help you to remove the Tan. Detan soap is safe for kids as well.

Does Kumkumadhi pack work for all skin types?

Yes, it does work for all skin types.

For lice in head, any specific product?

Yes Anti lice hair oil. Apply over scalp and head, and leave overnight. Wash off the next morning with paraben free shampoo.

I have hair fall, dandruff and thinning, which products do you recommend?

Hair oil, Hair mask and shampoo bar

Can I use the hair oil for kids?

Yes, please mix coconut oil (2 portions) and use.

How can I use hair oil?

Mix 1-2 portions of coconut oil and the oil is ready to use. Can be used for daily application, overnight usage and washing off with a paraben free shampoo.

I am having greys, how safe is your hair colour?

Hair colour is 100% natural & safe. But depending on intensity of Hair, it may take 2-3 applications initially to get the colour. Post that monthly once is fine. Gives you dark brown to black colour.

Any cream for moisturising the feet?

If you are having cracks in heels, Foot heel crack cream will help. For general moisturising, Body butter is fine.

Which cream can I use for face as a moisturiser?
  • If you have a normal to oily skin – Face serum. Hydrates and keeps the moisture in balance.
  • For normal to dry skin – Kumkumadhi thailam.

Using a Face toner before serum / Kumkumadhi thailam enhances the skin’s moisturising and illuminates the skin.

For Eczema which soap can I use?

Baby massage oil followed up by Baby soap or Baby soap followed by Body butter. This combination works better for Extreme dry skin, Eczema.

For allergy prone skin which soaps can I use?

Dead sea mudclay soap. Treats allergic conditions like Psoriasis and gets the skin smoother and finer.

Baby soap or bath powder for kids?

Well, this depends on personal choice. Bath powder gets you the traditional bathing experience which you can relax and enjoy! For quick baths, soaps work too!

What are the soaps you suggest for kids/ toddlers?

Apart from Baby soap, you can use Chocolate soap, Calamine soap, Honey soap, Shea butter soap.

Can I use any scrub for combination skin and white heads?

Yes, Coffee oats Cocoa scrub. Dry in texture, exfoliates pretty well and removes white heads, and keeps the moisture in balance.

Any exclusive mask for black heads?

Yes! Charcoal peel off mask. Removes blackheads and excess dirt, toxin from skin.

My skin is dull, and lacks glow? Any facewash?

Yes, Nalangumaavu  facewash. Made of bath powder, Turmeric oil, and aloevera. Lits up the skin, and brings the glow.

Which Facewash can I choose for combination skin with blackheads?

Activated Charcoal facewash. Removes the black heads, evens skin tone and removes excess oil only. Suits for combination kin, normal to oily skin.

Body butter or Body cream – which one should I choose?

For Extreme dry skin, body butter would be the best, because of the unrefined butters the skin gets a rich skin food. For normal to oily skin- Body cream would be ideal. The light texture makes so easy to be absorbed into skin and be hydrated.

Till what age can I use Baby tear free shampoo?

It’s a mild cleansing shampoo. So there is no upper limit of age for using.

What can I use for bathing after Baby massage oil?

You can use Bath powder / Any soap for skin and Baby tear free shampoo / Shampoo bar/Shampoo conditioner / Herbal Hair wash powder for washing the hair.

Can I use baby massage oil for hair?

Yes, you can use for hair also.

From what age can I use Baby massage oil?

From day 1, and can be used for any age. You can use like an oil before oil bath.

For black heads, white heads and normal to oily sin what face mask is recommended?

Activated Charcoal mask.

Why do some masks need refrigeration?

Because they don’t have preservatives.

Can I give the Heath mix (porridge mix) for babies?

You can give to babies above 1 year .If you have started sweet for the babies less than 1, you can give. Also we make sweetless portions of porridge.