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Anti Lice Hair Oil


Anti Lice Hair Oil


(9 customer reviews)

Anti Lice Hair Oil – a safe, non-toxic, completely plant based, effective Handmade solution for lice. Made from Ayurvedic herbs and organic cold pressed oils that

  • Repels lice
  • Soothes scalp
  • Itch relieving
  • Free from Malathion, Permethrin, Lindane & other toxic insect repellents.

Shelf life : 12 months from the date of packing


9 reviews for Anti Lice Hair Oil

  1. rajalakshmi

    Thank you very for the anti lice oil. Used thrice and the lice is completely gone.
    had applied neem oil but it was too heavy but this is fantastic. the hair so shiny and smooth after wash. didnt expect this complete clean up with just 3 applications. way to go Sukham.. 🙂

  2. Vimala Rani

    Very much satisfied with this oil. My daughter caught up with lice & knits and with no doubt of safe product , i chose this. within a week i am seeing the lice and knits are gone. Doesnt smell awful and equally feeling very safe too. Good one

  3. Nivedha Ranganathan

    When i was fearing of using a chemical lotion for my son, i got this referred in a facebook group. Ruckmani was very helpful in choosing the right product , and patiently clarified my doubts. And I am amazed by the wide range of products, Sukham has to offer, chemical and preservatives free. With 1 week using Anti lice oil, Baby Shampoo, I am thoroughly satisfied. Thanks a lot. Definitely recommending.

  4. Manonmani

    What all the medicated shampoos didnt do, this oil is doing so magically. Scalp is getting itch free and with one week, the knits and lice are gone! Recommending this

  5. Charumathy

    Worked good on knits and lice for my daughters. nice product

  6. sangeetha

    The anti lice oil is unbelievable. With three times of using I saw all the lice and nits gone and the oil , fragrance are so authentic. Not so heavy like the brands available is a big plus. My strong recommendation for kids especially for now – schools are opening.

  7. Jeyanthi Arun

    Worked like a magic! I was doubtful as how itwould work, but it is so light, doesnt smell heavily, it was just magic to see the lice and nits clearing. Made the hair soft also. You have to believe!

  8. Gowri

    I vouch for this lice oil. with 2 applications, and a very mild and natural smell, this oil effectively removed the nits and lice from my kids scalp. Hair is becoming soft. Biggest pro is the natural aroma. Unlike the medicated ones which have strong smell which my daughters couldnt bear.

  9. Kamala deivasagayam

    satisfied and recommend this for lice and nits. with 2-3 uses, the lice go. Very nice

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100 ml


Neem , Cold pressed Coconut oil, , Tripala, Essential oils.


Apply over the scalp and leave overnight. Wash off with paraben free shampoo / Baby tearfree shampooHerbal hairwash. Repeat the application and wash if required.

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