For Her


Gift your beloved Lady the best of  pampering she deserves at the comfort of your home! A footsoak and  foot scrub. A body cream for moisturusing, A kumkumadhi face pack for that authentic & Royal skincare and a handmade lipbalm to seal the moisture in the lips, When she smiles , she does wholeheartedly, for you know whats the best for her!!


Handmade , made in small batches, ideal for gifting not only for Valentines  but for any time of the year!

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Foot soak : 33 ml

Foot scrub : 33 ml

Body cream : 33 ml

Kumkumadhi pack : 33 ml

Lip balm : 12 gram


Foot soak : Take 1-2 spoons of Footsoak in a bucket of warm to hot water, immerse your feet and relax. Follow up with Foot scrub and Foot heel crack cream.

Foot scrub : Wet your feet, take required foot scrub, apply over skin, and gently rub. Wash off.  Recommended routine : Himalayan Pink salt Footsoak / Lavender Epsom Salt Footsoak followed by Foot scrub and then a dash of Foot heel crack cream. Done with the Footspa!

Body cream : Apply over skin, and gently massage. Repeat as required. Recommended usage : after bath & before bedtime. Can be used for babies also.

3 in 1 Clay mask :Apply over face and neck  & Leave for 15-20 minutes or till dry. Wash off in normal water.

Lip balm : Apply over lips, and repeat when dry or if needed.


Body scrub : Wet your skin, apply over body and rub gently


Foot soak : 33 ml

Foot scrub : 33 ml

Body cream : 33 ml

3 in Clay mask pack : 33 ml

Lip balm : 12 gram


Body scrub : 33 ml


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