Anti aging kit


Restore your youthful glow with the Anti-Aging combo. A Redwine soap, Anti aging cream, and a Skin firming serum. A perfect combo that you need , If you?re trying to prevent wrinkles, or even if they?ve already take hold, with many unique properties that make it a great choice for aging or damaged skin.




Red wine soap: Wet skin with water, rub the soap over skin, create lather and rinse off.

Skin Firming Serum: Wash the face, apply over affected area & leave overnight. Wash off the next morning. Can also be applied at day time.

Anti Aging Cream : Apply as little as a fenugteek, as a face moisturiser. Best when used overnight. May feel a little sticky, but skin absorbs within 2-3 minutes. Can also be used as day cream


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