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Hair serum


(9 customer reviews)

For a shining and smooth hair.  100% natural and no chemicals or harmful substances in the name of conditioning.  Sets the dry and frizzy hair in control and post use you see the hair in soft and silky way. . Use enough to lightly coat your hair, but not so much that it becomes sticky or difficult to style . Experiment with different amounts until you find out how much works perfectly for your hair type. To evenly distribute the spray through your hair, run a wide-tooth comb through your hair from root to tip. Then, style your hair as you normally do. You can use this hair spray when getting ready in the morning as well as throughout the day to refresh your locks and tame flyaways. Spray a small amount of the mixture onto your hair, then comb through it for straight hair, or use your fingers to reshape your curls No preservatives but can be stored in room temperature.


9 reviews for Hair serum

  1. hemapriya

    Easy to use, though it looks watery, the hair is set and soft after few sprays. Frizzy hair is soft and shining. Good one.

  2. seepee_sinha

    Just finished my first bottle. What I liked the most was the total absence of any chemicals in this serum.has a very subtle fragrance,also helped in decreasing frizz from my hair.. unlike other market brought ones,this one doesn’t made my hair oily in
    2-3 days. One product that I’ll definitely repurchase.!!

  3. Shanthi (verified owner)

    Im using this serum for two weeks now After the neem bringa shampoo bar and i m quite Happy with it. My hair loss is drastically decreased when i comb my hair after this and now i wash my hair 2 times a week instead of 3 because this serum is non greasy. And the smell is yumm. Go for it !

  4. Preethi s

    It has a nice smell and using it..and I have already added this serum in my hair care routine..

  5. Swathi G

    I’m using this serum for a month along with hair oil, shampoo bars. Impressed for being a handmade.I see a visible reduction in hair fall. Amazing and natural aroma.

  6. Parvathy

    Amazing serum works well for frizzy hair. Use with hairmask for best results. Way to go!

  7. Swapna Mukil

    Loving the texture, smell and the hair with serum. very smooth and soft

  8. Ruckmani


  9. saranya r (verified owner)

    I have curly hair and my daughter has straight hair. This is one natural product which suits all skin types – it feels like magic in terms of adding shine & controlling frizz !! Excellent product !

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60 ml


Spray a little over dry/ wet hair, run a wide-tooth comb through your hair from root to tip. Then, style your hair as you normally do.


Almond oil Argan oil , Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Essential oils.

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