mini coffee scrub


Get the skin a more even tone look & prevent premature oats cocoa scrub. So refreshing along with the exfoliating, detoxing, anti aging , skin repairing , moisturizing qualities. No chemicals and preservatives. Cocoa , coffee , oats with essential oils. Just the perfect , raw scrub as you’d need. Take a little amount and rub over wet face. Gently rub in circular motion for a couple of minutes. And wash off with plain water. And be ready for that addictive freshness!

  •  Illuminates complexion
  • Repairs pigmentation, dark spots and marks
  • Minimises fine lines and signs of aging
  • Moisturizes and smoothes skin
  • Non sticky


50 ml


Brown Sugar, Coffee, oats, Cocoa, Virgin coconut oil, EO


Wet your skin,take required amount and gently rub & exfoliate. Rinse.


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