Baby soap( Nalangumaavu soap)

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Nalungumaavu soap aka baby soap  is blend of tradition and convenience for the baby skin. coming in funky shapes, to ease and enjoy the bath times.  Lion , hippo , teddy , butterflies , vehicles a little something to bring smiles on that little faces.

  • Deeply moisturising
  • Nourishes skin
  • Suits all skin types
  • Handmade
  • 100%natural
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti fungal
  • Anti inflammatory


Shelf life : 12 months from the date of packing

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Quantity Price
1 145.00
2 135.00
3 + 120.00


Coconut oil, Neem oil, Turmeric oil, Lye, Herbal Bath Powder, Distilled water


85-90 gm


Wet your skin, rub the bar against skin ,form lather and rinse off.

12 reviews for Baby soap( Nalangumaavu soap)

  1. shruthi

    loved the baby soap for my toddlers, helped immensely with prickly heat.
    The mosquito repellent is amazing as well and not to forget all natural.
    looking forward to use more products

  2. joshika

    Always always going to be ordering from you henceforth. Absolute love for this soap. Mild and not scented heavily, good for my baby’s skin.

  3. shalini

    My baby has got her skin from momma so I first have to massage her then bath her and then again apply baby lotion . Was in a hurry so did not massaged her and bathed her with the baby soap. And trust me I did not applied any lotion to her. Smell is mild and I like this fact (coz I love my baby’s original smell 🙈)

  4. Tamilselvi

    Baby soaps – the best of aroma , moisture and cleaning. I notice the mosquito bites marks are vanishing too. One of the best buys

  5. Pravalika

    Hi, it has been a month since I ordered your baby soaps. I dint want to introduce chemicals to my baby so early and I wanted everything to be organic. I should say it is great it keeps her skin supple and soft and I love it. Waiting to place more baby soap orders ☺️ thank you. Keep going.

  6. Pooja Jha

    Happy customer of all your products here, we love Baby soap Because, no chemical touching my babies’ skin and we love the plastic free packagings too ❤ 🙂
    Baby soap is my kids’ favorite soap for their cute shapes, it has wonderful and refreshing fragrance, super soft skin and no dryness due to perfect amount of oil in soap. Kids ask for different shapes of baby soap for our next purchase.
    We gift Sukhamhandmade’s products to friends and relatives too 😎

  7. Thahira Jafar (verified owner)

    Have been using your soap to my bub from few months.. Absolutely nice and having good aroma. Softs the skin.. Give baby’s skin supersofty feel till the end… No irritation… Will be continuing your soaps…. Thank you ❤ Baby sukhamm….

  8. Bhargavi

    I could see a clear difference when I used a chemical soap to nalugumaavu soap… We have hard water here.. with the Chemical soap her skin became dry and patchy..Once I used this soap her skin started feeling soft… Even though feet skin.. always moisturised … Thank you Rukmani

  9. Shakthi Ramani (verified owner)

    This the best soap. My son had lot of rashes and skin redness due to hard water. After using this soap his skin has become super soft moisturized and rashes redness all gone and completely changed the skin texture .It smells amazing. In love with this soap.

  10. Shwetha Bangera (verified owner)

    The best part is that it does not dry out the skin, most commercial soaps have this issue but not this one! Loved how low maintenance my kiddo’s skin has become.

  11. Swapna Mukil

    It has been two weeks since i switched to this soap, and absolutely love how soft, my kid’s skin is now. no extra moisturiser , and the rashes have come down. The aroma – a special mention to that

  12. Geethanjali

    This soap is my favourite , started to use for my elder and using for my younger one also. such an amazing soap, the skin is very soft, i am seeing a visible result in using this. no rashes, no dry skin. love it

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