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Herbal Bath Powder


Herbal Bath Powder


(10 customer reviews)

This age old recipe of  bath powder is a mix of  essential herbs for a  healthy and fresh skin. Perfect alternative to soap, this is a blend of herns with no chemicals. Along with cleansing this also smoothens, softens, and exfoliates.

  • Gently exfoliates
  • Evens skin tone and gets a glow
  • Perfect for newborn bathing
  • Suits sensitive skin
  • Refreshing
  • Cools the skin
  • Antiseptic
  • Antifungal
  • No rashes
  • Controls Sweat & Odor
  • Leaves no stain on clothes

Shelf life : 6 months from the date of packing, Please store in air tight container and use dry spoons only. Dont use wet hands/ spoons to take out.

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100gm, 250 grams, 500 grams

10 reviews for Herbal Bath Powder

  1. sukanya

    absolutely absolutely everyone must try this… I got my parcel late by a week(due to various reasons) so I was in a hurry to open it when I got hold of it…and the aroma upon opening the pack is something I wud never forget… all this 26yrs I have never bathed in just a powder, I always loved soaps… but the last one month no soaps nothing… just this. and it helped me in various fronts…

  2. prasidha

    I used herbal bath powder from Sukham handmade..When I used it first time I din feel any difference but as I started using daily, felt really fresh with good smell.. Mine being sensitive skin, using this powder reduced rashes and made my skin soft. Powder smells very good…A very big thanks to ruckmani to bring in such a nice and natural product.

    Will continue to buy more products from Sukham Handmade.

  3. sushma

    .Post pregnancy I dint take care of skin so it becomes dull n got dark spots …once I started using their bath powder it became smooth n getting back to my normal tone…even I used tat one for my one year old son and find it so amazing

  4. Shanthi

    Sharing my happy review for bath powder. I had some allergies in my forearm and it was like summer rashes and prickly heat. Didn’t want to use the powders so bathed with your bAth powder. Within a week I see a drastic difference and rashes are also gone. With the summer heat going up this is really helpful. Thank you so much

  5. Sulakshana

    The bath powder is a super hit in our family , and friends family. My mom says it’s t best she has seen and used till date! I had been using for a month in and out and seeing my face being glowing like never before , my sweat odor getting totally vanished ( I sweat like a mad pig – extremely ….) blackheads gone , my girls don’t have any skin rashes ( they too sweat a lot ) , I had some prickle kind of thing on hands – that’s no where now. I am never going back to any other bathing Product now.

  6. Prasanna

    My experience with Bath powders hadnt been so great because either it was way too pricey or if the price was affordable the powder wasnt that great either. First time my expectations met with the price and I have become a fan for this Bath powder. Major plus is this controls my sweat odour. Great product

  7. Preethi

    After using a serum..pimples and boils started coming all over my face suddenly…I ve used literally all types of skin products to cure the skin eruptions..but nothing worked out..then after seeing the positive reviews of this bath powder.. decided to give it a try..and I really can see a visible difference.. pimples have reduced and even acne scars have faded.. thank you sukham..

  8. Garima

    Ruks…. absolutely love the bathing powder you have sent me. I feel my skin has become softer with it and I feel squeaky clean after using it. I use it as a face mask/ scrub as well. It’s done wonders to my post covid skin problems!

  9. Jayanthi B

    I am also using your bath powder for my kids and finding the skin of the kids to be soft and so appealing. The aroma is so divine. I was apprehensive if that would lather. But with no lather the cleansing is awesome. I use as a scrub as well. Great product

  10. Kamala srini

    Thank you for the aromatic bath powder. Pure bliss, my skin feels super soft and more than that my husband asked what am I trying on my faceas it glows! I am not using any body spray also. my sweat issue is already addressed.

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500 gm


Green gram dal , Neem ( in Abundance ) Wild turmeric, Avarampoo , Tulsi , Aloevera , Vettiver , Rose petals , Indian sarsaparilla, White turmeric/Poolankizhangu, Champak, Flagroot, Poosanathu pattai, Karboga rice, Thirumanjana pattai, Pachilai, Marikozhundhu, Vasambu, , Shenbagam, Korai kizhangu,Samandhi, Tulsi, Adhimadhuram


Take required amount, mix with water and make as a paste. Apply over wet skin and gently rub. Rinse.

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