Why should Men have all the fun of gifting ??? With Valetines’s Day round the corner, we feel its equally important for the ladies to have the fun of gifting too!


Handmade with so much of care with the choicest ingredients , with the special care of the men’s skin, this package is something special and will be loved by your lovable gentleman! Good & Natural skin care is for all, and come show some love to them by gifting this curated hamper. Dont forget to add your note while ordering! who wouldnt want to read a note of love with a customised hamper??





After shave cream 33 ml

Mini shampoo bar 50 grams

Mini hair mask : 33 ml

Shower gel : 60 ml


After shave cream: Jojoba oil, Unrefined Mango butter, Unrefined She butter , Green tea, Cedarwood EO, Vit E, Aloevera, Peppermint Eo, Chamomile EO, Vitamin Eo, Witch Hazel EO, Eucalyptus EO, Lavender EO

Mini shampoo bar: Unrefined Shea butter, Olive oil, Lemongrass ,  Cold Pressed Coconut oil,Castor oil, Argan oil, Avocado oil, Lavender EO , Thyme EO, Tea tree EO

Mini hair mask : Kokum butter, Almond oil , Avocado oil ,Argan oil , Clove bud oil, Essential oils of Lavender , Thyme , Teatree oil, Ylang ylang , Hibiscus, Neem , Brahmi , Bringa, Jamaican Castor oil, Bakuchi oil, Canola oil, Rosehip seed oil.

Shower gel :KOH, Coconut oil,Musk melon seed oil, Unrefined Shea butter ,Aloevera, Distilled water, Cinnamon EO, Cedarwood, Orange EO, Lime EO.


After shave cream :1. Follow your usual shaving routine.
2. Rinse off the area with cold water until you’ve gotten off any remaining shaving cream, gel, or lotion.
3. Use a clean towel to pat dry. Don’t rub the towel on your skin, as this can irritate or damage your skin.
4. Put a small amount of aftershave into your palm (about the size of a dime).
5. Rub the aftershave into both of your hands to spread it evenly.
6. Rub the aftershave evenly onto the entire surface that you’ve shaved.

Mini shampoo bar :Wet hair, rub the bar against scalp & Hair, Rinse off. Repeat.

Mini hair mask :take required amount and apply over roots , and spread to hair. Leave for 30 minutes and wash off with paraben free shampoo. Please store in refrigerator, when not in use. Suggested usage- weekly once.

Shower gel :Take a small amount on a wet loofah, and apply over body. Rub and rinse


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