Black Kajal

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a Pure Kajal, made with Almond Soot, Homemade Desi Ghee, Almond oil, & Castor oil.

Suitable to be used on babies. Made to cool , and soothe eyes, can be used by adults and kids too.

Not completely smudge-free.

Now indulge in a pure Kajal, with a plasticfree packing too!

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8 grams


Almond Soot ,Castor oil, Almond oil, candellila wax, , Homemade Ghee, vitamin E


Take required amount and apply as kajal, Can be used for babies as well. Not completely smudgefree.

1 review for Black Kajal

  1. Sindhuja

    Kajal makes my eyes majestic, looks so beautiful. Not dark like regular kajal but Kajal colour is light like surma stone and oil of kajal make eyes to glow.

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