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Made of brown sugar, coffee, cocoa and essential oils. Made to exfoliate the impurities and providing the moisture to the lips so that they stay nourished and plump. Lip scrub removes the dead tissues out of the skin of lips and makes them more soft and smooth. This also helps to remove dead skin from your lips bringing out new fresh layers, making lips soft, smooth, and obviously more kissable!
With smooth lips cosmetics will adhere longer. Making lipsticks & lip liner much more effective and longer lasting. Exfoliating ones lips regularly keeps your lips moist and retain its moisture longer; helping to prevent cracked lips.


Shelf life : 6months from the date of packing

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33 ml


Brown sugar, Cocoa, cold pressed coconut oil, Cocoa, EO


Wet lips, take required amount and gently rub & exfoliate. Rinse, Follow it with Lip Balm.

1 review for LIP SCRUB

  1. Sidhidha

    so chocolatey and does a great job. dark lips have become so soft and pinky.

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