Rosemary Teatree Conditioner


You’re not alone. We all want soft, healthy hair—and sometimes, it seems like nothing is working. Maybe it’s a dry scalp that won’t stop itching or dandruff that won’t stop flaking off your scalp. Maybe you’ve been using the same shampoo and conditioner for years and still can’t get rid of those pesky dark spots on your shoulders.


Well, we’re here to help! Our Rosemary Teatree conditioner is a gentle blend of rosemary,Tea tree oil, and Jojoba oil that will nourish and soften your hair follicles while also moisturizing them so they are less prone to breakage and irritation. It’s designed specifically for colored hair also ,so it won’t fade or dull the vibrancy of your color.




Jojoba oil, Kokum butter, Mango butter, Rice protein, Avarampoo, Teatree, Aloevera


Apply over wet scalp and wet hair. Rinse well after 2-3 minutes.


60 ml


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